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The essential incident response checklist: 21 steps to navigating a cyber attack

Preparation is important. In today’s business world, cybersecurity attacks have become commonplace. According to a University of Maryland study, a hacker attack happens every 39 seconds. If you don’t prepare your business for a security breach, the consequences could be costly—think reputation damage, downtime, and potential legal issues. For these reasons, an incident response checklist

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Why IT strategy is important for SMBs

An IT department, much like HR or Finance, does not directly generate revenue. IT is considered a cost center, and yet, it is integral to the operation of any organization. It has the power to improve productivity, efficiency, and security or bring an organization to a grinding halt. Investing in new technologies can drive business

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Five reasons to move to managed IT services

Managed IT services benefit businesses with proactive round-the-clock security, access to a team of diverse IT experts, and affordable and consistent costs.    The alternative model – reactive break/fix support – is no longer a sustainable option for a growing and reputable business. It’s not enough to sit back and hope that issues won’t arise

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